The LoveAmerica Brooch


  • Show them that You LoveAmerica.
  • Good and proud USA flag colors of Old Glory Blue, Old Glory Red, and White.
  • Handset 13 rhinestones that represent the original 13 colonies.
  • A lovely brooch that is custom designed in California and made in Delaware and New York
  • Wear as a brooch or necklace (not included).
  • Limited LoveAmerica Brooch, so buy as a gift and one for yourself.
  •  Stones not included

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Weight .375 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × .75 × .25 in
Brooch Dimensions fraction

3/8 oz., 2 1/4" L, 3/4" wide at the left side & 7/16" wide at the right side, 1/4 thick with the brooch pin


Old Glory Blue, Old Glory Red, White


Handset 13 rhinestones

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